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Komboloi: The Greek Worry Beads

Posted by The Bead Obsession on 1/20/2015
In Greek or Cypriot culture, beads can be used to simply pass the time, and perform no religious or ceremonial function whatsoever. Perhaps it is why they are called 'worry beads' or 'komboloi.' As their names suggest, the komboloi have no religious purpose although their origins date back to the time when monks in Mount Athos made prayer ropes (or 'komboskini' from which the name komboloi is derived).

Have You Seen the 400 lb. Beaded Wedding Gown?

Posted by The Bead Obsession on 11/29/2014
Have You Seen the 400 lb. Beaded Wedding Gown?
Be and her team of bead artists created incredibly intricate designs, including spiral beaded lace, heirloomed oval inserts,  and scalloped lace edging—all with beads.

Jaded - But in a Good Way

Posted by The Bead Obsession on 11/26/2014
Jade comes from a long and storied past. Making its first appearance during the Neolithic period in what is now China and other regions in Southeast Asia, Jade was considered to be the one of the noblest of gems. Known as the Six Ritual and Six Ceremonial Jades, it was used primarily for ornamental and ceremonial purposes.

Beading: A Family Tradition

Posted by Bead Obsession on 11/3/2014
When it comes to family gatherings ideas can become tough at times. Doing the same theme over and over again can make your family gathering grow stale.

Hematite: The Gift of Calming Energy

Posted by The Bead Obsession on 10/20/2014
If you are beading jewelry as gifts for the holidays or birthdays, you should consider using hematite in your creations. Hematite is a mineral, iron oxide, not a crystal as it is commonly called. While many stones can look similar, the heavy and shiny hematite has a distinctive presence that cannot be confused with any other stone.

The Plooper: An Innovation in Jewelry Making

Posted by The Bead Obsession on 10/20/2014
Looping, and creating consistent, professional-quality loops, eye-pins and bead links can be the difference between selling your original jewelry art or not. Traditionally, looping the end of your wires has required separate bending, crimping, and cutting tools. The multi-step process is time-consuming, even for the most experienced jewelry crafter; for the novice creating consistent loops can seem an insurmountable task. That’s why we are very excited to be able to bring you the fantastic multi-use Plooper tools from BeadSmith!

Beads For Calculation And Education

Posted by Gr8beads on 9/17/2014
Any representation of the chronology of beads would be incomplete without including stories about early use of the abacus. The abacus was the first external aid to computing math. It served as a calculation device. While we tend to think of the abacus as being obsolete in America, it is a device still used in other regions of the world.

A Basic Guide To Beads

Posted by Gr8beads on 9/9/2014
Although getting started in beading is extremely easy--after all, you just need some beads and string to make a necklace or bracelet--, knowing which types of beads are right for you, your project, and your budget is a bit more difficult.

Vintage German Glass Beads - A Collector's Dream

Posted by Jamie on 8/21/2014
Beads are those items that can serve a dual purpose - they are great for crafting for jewelry making, but they are also great collectors' items. And every so often there are beads that have such a story that it would almost be crazy to put them in jewelry - or at least make the jewelry inexpensive.

Not Just for Jewelry

Posted by Jamie on 7/13/2014
You can wear a string of beads around your neck or on your wrist, even dangle them from your ears. But beads have many other decorative uses, too.

Beading Through The Ages

Posted by Nick on 6/26/2014
Beading is one of the earliest forms of jewelry making. Beads have been found on multiple contents from a variety of different cultures and made use of a multitude of different materials. If you think that beading is something that has come along during the last three hundred years, then you would be wrong. This hobby has roots that run very far back into the analogs of history. These beads were not just simple pieces of plastic, but instead they were hard to find and cherished pieces of jewelry.

Target College Students

Posted by Jennifer on 6/23/2014
As a small business owner, one of the most important factors of a successful endeavor is establishing your target group. One audience you may not have considered but should is the college student.

Add Glamor to Your Beach Outfit with Sea Glass Jewelry

Posted by Taylor on 6/20/2014
Sea glass jewelry provides the perfect complement to beachwear.

You Can Have Your Crystals, And Wear Them, Too

Posted by Jamie on 6/13/2014
Crystals are beautifully cut statues or smaller objects (like beads!) from the earth that feature a great depth of color and influence.

Finding inspiration for your next jewelry project

Posted by Priyanka on 5/16/2014
If you are an avid jewelry maker you would have often found yourself running out of ideas for your next project. Always keep a notebook and pen handy so you can write down ideas whenever you have them. Given below are a few great ways you can find inspiration for your next project:

Glam Up Your Garments with Beads

Posted by Jaimie on 5/7/2014
Beads are tiny dazzling ornaments with intricate and unique designs that serve as the best accessory. Commonly worn on the neck, wrist or ankle as jewelry beads can also be used to embellish clothing items.

Bead the Heat This Summer

Posted by David on 4/30/2014
With the summer months fast approaching, let's take a couple of minutes here and discuss the heat. OK, we know that most people do their beading work indoors - where climate can be controlled and eggs are not fried on the ground. In one way, doing some beading is a great way to stay out of the heat.

Upgrading your Beaded Jewelry Business for Success

Posted by Timothy on 4/15/2014
Some Necessities and Preliminaries Part of being successful jewelry business is differentiation – helping your business stand out from all the others. While spending loads of money on marketing and advertising may help, there are also ways to upgrade your business while not unloading your pocketbook. A good website, some business cards for events, possibly high glossy brochures of your line will help, of course. Yet you can also upgrade through ways which are relatively inexpensive. To this idea, we will turn our attention to.

Beaded Accessories for the Stylish Music Festival Goer

Posted by Mary on 3/31/2014
It’s officially spring season and the perfect time to attend music festivals being held all around the country. And aside from the music, the fashion of the attendees also ranks among the most important aspects of these gatherings as well.

Cultured Sea Glass

Posted by Jamie on 3/18/2014
Cultured sea glass beads are made using recycled glass and then processed to achieve a smooth, frosted surface as if they magically washed ashore after years at sea, giving them a fabulous "weathered" look!

Starting Your Jewelry Business

Posted by Jannifer on 3/12/2014
Starting your own jewelry business requires more than just skill and creativity. To be a successful professional jeweler, you must have a sense of business acumen. Following these few tips may help you start and grow your professional jewelry business:

Beading Tips

Posted by Jamie on 3/4/2014
In beading, it’s important for the thread you use to accommodate the beads. For instance, if you’re using a heavy or large hole bead, you would be well suited to use C-lon thread, #18 upholstery thread or wire, with the wire probably being the most appropriate for the heavier beads. The size of beading needle you use is important, too. Generally, a size 10 beading needle will fit through many of the bead sizes that you will most likely use.

Time to get busy!

Posted by Administrator on 1/28/2014
Finally received my boxes of beads from my Chicago shopping trip!

Bead Shopping

Posted by Administrator on 1/25/2014
This was the shopping trip of a lifetime!