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You Can Have Your Crystals, And Wear Them, Too

Posted by Jamie on 6/13/2014

Crystals are beautifully cut statues or smaller objects (like beads!) from the earth that feature a great depth of color and influence. For generations people have believed in crystals’ abilities to heal or transform one’s energy. If you are one of the believers, or are seeking to become more connected to your spiritual vibration, you should try wearing crystals!

Crystals are formed in a variety of colors, and each is believed to hold its own influential energy. So let’s decode some of the different varieties of crystals so you know which one you should be wearing, based on what you desire most!

Red Crystals

Not surprisingly, red crystals relate to matters of the heart. If you are seeking love, passion or courage, wearing red crystals is said to help you channel these emotions from yourself and others. For a vibrant red crystal, we carry lovely red opal rondelles.

Yellow Crystals

Amber is the color of your energy! Look on the bright side and add some of our rich amber rondelles to your daily wardrobe to bring you warmth, clarity and enlightenment.

Green Crystals

Besides channeling success and money, green crystals are said to be renewing in nature and encourage good health. We carry a selection of green crystals, from opaque to translucent emeralds to peridots. Whatever your need for green, we can get you fitted with the perfect green crystal beads!

Blue Crystals

Perhaps the most self aware crystals are blue crystals, whose purpose is to bring you patience and faith. You can choose one blue crystal or mix your blue crystal beads. We carry a whole blue spectrum ranging from light blue sapphire crystal beads to striking, cobalt blue crystal beads.

So if you’re ready to start channeling the energy of the universe you need most, try stringing on some crystal beads in your favorite color and see if you feel the change!