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Upgrading your Beaded Jewelry Business for Success

Posted by Timothy on 4/15/2014
Some Necessities and Preliminaries
Part of being successful jewelry business is differentiation – helping your business stand out from all the others.  While spending loads of money on marketing and advertising may help, there are also ways to upgrade your business while not unloading your pocketbook.  A good website, some business cards for events, possibly high glossy brochures of your line will help, of course.  Yet you can also upgrade through ways which are relatively inexpensive.  To this idea, we will turn our attention to.

Differentiating Your Vision
Have no doubt about it – there is an endless sea of jewelry shops online, as well as offline – bricks and mortar.  Most likely you are engaging in a combination of online sales and offline at events or commission-hosting at other offline stores, if not your own.  Stay true to your artistic vision and strive to create your work with distinction and variation of the inventory out there.  In the long run, you want customers to feel like they are purchasing one-of-a-kind creations which immediately can be noticed as “yours.”

Customer Service
The old adage “The Customer is Always Right” applies to jewelry sales as well.  Ensure that you provide excellent customer service going above and beyond the usual sales transactions.  Timely communications, customer inquiries, and repairs are required as much as anything in your jewelry business.  Offering incentive rewards, mark-downs, clearance and special sales to existing customers will also help retain them.  Keeping customers happy should be a number 1 priority.

Social Media and Blogs
Of course, social media is an excellent way to promote your jewelry on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and other options.  Many people in creative businesses, relying on a small budget –use these entirely.  The idea is to build a community around your jewelry and products.  Another great way to promote and advertise is to establish a blog on your website with articles on how you created your items.  If people visiting your website, read a blog which piques their interest most likely they will remember your site and make a purchase for themselves or a friend.

Customize & Personalize your Jewelry
This is where you summon up your muse of inspiration and create custom jewelry portraying artistic innovation.  Simple tweaks could be the use of unique clasps or well-designed beaded rope to embellish your jewelry product.  In addition, use that sense of invention to personalize your jewelry which helps your product stand out from the other products out there.  Mixed media techniques using other materials can accomplish this as well as incorporation of “keepsake” items with the custom piece.

Represent – Photograph
While many traditional bricks and mortar jewelers, as well as those who commission in jewelry stores, are defiantly afraid of using pictures online for fear of imitation, how can an online business thrive without representation of the product?  If you are truly creative, you should not fear the attempt of a “knock-off” or “imitation” of your products:  (1) you will always be creating new products, (2) there are literally 1000s upon 1000s of jewelry stores on the market, & (3) once a profitable clientele basis is established, the customer will recognize your offerings as original and superior to any imitation.  Thus, clear and creative photographs are needed for your blog, website or social media usage.  An excellent photograph can be more effective than product descriptions and can lead to online sales, invites to art shows and events and ultimately more customers and sales.