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The Plooper: An Innovation in Jewelry Making

Posted by The Bead Obsession on 10/20/2014
You are an artist; you understand the importance of the overall aesthetic of any piece. We understand that you go to great lengths to find the perfect beads and crystals, spend a little more for fine jewelry metals in your findings and wires, and devote countless hours to perfecting your craft to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs. We at The Bead Obsession want to help your creativity work for you.

Looping, and creating consistent, professional-quality loops, eye-pins and bead links can be the difference between selling your original jewelry art or not. Traditionally, looping the end of your wires has required separate bending, crimping, and cutting tools. The multi-step process is time-consuming, even for the most experienced jewelry crafter; for the novice creating consistent loops can seem an insurmountable task. That’s why we are very excited to be able to bring you the fantastic multi-use Plooper tools from BeadSmith!

Instead of painstakingly measuring, crimping, looping, cutting, and centering each loop (many of which are just 1/8 inch in diameter), this innovative new tool allows you to do it all with one tool in just three steps! You just feed the wire into the tool, cut it (which automatically creates the loop), and center it. Hours upon hours of exacting, painstaking work can now be done in minutes, saving you eyestrain, muscle cramps, and fingertip cuts.

We cannot speak highly enough of the Plooper. If you’re new to jewelry making it eliminates the learning curve, and reduces waste and expense. No more trial and error mistakes; you can be assured of a correct loop every time. For professionals, it makes mass creation easy, and expands the possibilities of creating multi-strand designs. There’s simply less wear and tear on you, the artist, which frees you up to imagine—anything!

The Bead Obsession offers two sizes of Ploopers, which work with a wide variety of wire gauges, and handily manage costume and fine jewelry wires. We’re excited to help you expand your creative reach and look forward to helping you bring your imagination to life!