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Glam Up Your Garments with Beads

Posted by Jaimie on 5/7/2014

Beads are tiny dazzling ornaments with intricate and unique designs that serve as the best accessory. Commonly worn on the neck, wrist or ankle as jewelry beads can also be used to embellish clothing items. If you are looking ways to spice up that boring old v-neck then its time bring out that case of beads you keep stashed away in your closet.

Attaching beads to various types of materials such as cotton and super easy and can be a fun project. You can incorporate creative bead working on to jackets, tee shirts, sweaters and shirts. It’s best to choose clothing items that have a neutral canvas without patterns so that the bead working can stand out.

There all kinds of bead you can incorporate into your designs. Crystal beads are reflective can make a plain black dress or shirt glamorous. Rustic beads can give garments a native or hippie feel. Regular seed beads will add just a splash of color to any piece of garment.

To tackle this project you will need basic essentials like:

- Scissors

- Invisible Nylon Thread

- Beads

- Clothing piece

- Washable pen or chalk

Before you began sewing any beads on to the fabric you should first create an outline of your design on the material. For example, if you have decided to create a heart shaped beaded design on the breast area of a jean vest before you began stitching your beads onto the vest it's best to draw an outline of your design using a washable pen.

If this is your first time sewing beads on to fabric, it’s best to start off with a thin material because it's easier to penetrate with less risk of damaging the material.

Securing Beads on Fabric

- Be sure to pull the thread all the way through the needle so that the thread is double layered and tie the knots at the ends.

- If you're new to beading fabric it's best to start off threading 1-3 beads at a time. This helps ensure that you stick to the outline of the design you created in the initial stage.

- For a perfect finish keep the fabric or garment you are using taut over a frame.