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Add Glamor to Your Beach Outfit with Sea Glass Jewelry

Posted by Taylor on 6/20/2014
Sea glass jewelry provides the perfect complement to beachwear. With sea glass beads available in a wide variety of colors and styles to match a range of sun and swimwear, they are easy to incorporate into earrings, necklaces and bracelets to add some ocean-side glam to your outfit. Cultured sea glass adds the look of rare beach finds to your jewelry creations without the necessity of spending hours beach combing.

Choose sea glass with an eye towards colors that work to incorporate more glamour into your look. Smoky sea glass beads add a sophisticated touch to your beach wear. String clusters of smoky sea glass to create the illusion of mist and ice in your jewelry. Seafoam sea glass works well with any color swimwear. The natural tones of the seafoam blend with the waters of the shore. The translucent seafoam green beads glint silver to draw the eye and accent your outfit with just the right amount of shine. Red sea glass is unusual at the beach. This attention grabber adds glam to white beach attire in particular. Black sea glass beads are a sophisticated option that works well in pieces when paired with other colors. Consider mixing a few black sea glass beads into a red or smoky quartz piece.

Shape is another important consideration when choosing sea glass beads for beach jewelry. Wavy rondele beads stack nicely for glamorous bracelets and eye-catching pendants. Stick to one color for an upscale, traditional feel. Use a variety of colors for a more playful look. Needle dagger shaped beads add edge to pieces. A complex sea glass necklace with a variety of bead styles pairs well with simple beach outfits. Pair simpler sea glass jewelry pieces with a brighter, more complex clothing selections.

Homemade sea glass jewelry is a great way to add a touch of natural glamour to your beachwear. Ready-to-string cultured sea glass beads make it easy to create stunning pieces of jewelry without a lot of effort. Choose colors and bead styles to work well with your outfit for a glamorous style.