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A Basic Guide To Beads

Posted by Gr8beads on 9/9/2014

Although getting started in beading is extremely easy--after all, you just need some beads and string to make a necklace or bracelet--, knowing which types of beads are right for you, your project, and your budget is a bit more difficult.

This posting on some of the most common beads will help you, the nascent beader, get the tiny ball rolling.

Czech Beads

Czech beads are growing in popularity for a good reason: they don’t cost much. Made in Czechoslovakia and the surrounding area, these beads are good looking and cheap. This makes them the perfect choice for the first-time beader.

Cultured Sea Glass Beads

These are one of my favorite types of beads. With their rounded edges and translucent hues, they kind of look organic as if they were born of nature. If you are into recycling and reusing, cultured sea glass beads may be for you, since they are made out of recycled glass.

Though cultured sea glass beads make for great smaller beads, they really shine as pendant type beads. Go ahead and look through our collection of these beads and you will also see that they are not all rustic.

Metal Beads

Metal beads are often made of pewter. Many times, these pewter beads are plated with other metals such as silver, brass, and copper. Being pewter, these beads can hold very fine shapes, lines, and designs.

Metal beads are great to add to every fifth or so bead in a line and likewise great when used to create 100% metal pieces.

Crystal Beads

Crystal beads are some of the finest beads found anywhere. That said, there are crystal beads available for nearly all budgets. If you want to create a bead piece that will serve for decades and decades, you cannot go wrong using crystal beads.